The Bow Valley SPCA For Life Campaign

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The Bow Valley SPCA For Life Campaign will help us raise the necessary funds to save more lives and inspire humane treatment of domestic animals over the long term.

All Campaign funds will support the Bow Valley's only animal shelter and Alberta's only no kill, no cage option for dogs and cats.

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Why a campaign? In less than 10 years we have built a remarkable no kill, no cage facility in the heart of the Canadian Rockies; provided the community with thousands of hours of education about animal care and compassion, saved and in many cases rehabilitated hundreds of cats and dogs, and matched 99% of our animals with forever homes. Our model is so inspiring that many animal shelters throughout Canada turn to us for advice.

All of our funding since our inception has gone to the current needs of the animals in our care and a high majority of our work has been conducted by volunteers. While this shows wonderful commitment to the cause, it also leaves the Bow Valley SPCA vulnerable to turn over and with limited capacity to grow, which in turn impacts our ability to provide this important service. As our community increases in human numbers, so too do the domestic animal numbers. 

The Bow Valley SPCA For Life Campaign will Help. By supporting one of the Bow Valley SPCA For Life priority areas you will help ensure we can save lives and rehabilitate dogs and cats for generations to come.Our ability to provide quality care to abandoned dogs and cats; find them new forever homes; and continue our education and outreach in the community – relies on having a robust, sustainable ogranization. We envision an SPCA for the Valley that can stand the test of time; save more lives; and be an excellent model for animal care in Alberta.

The Bow Valley SPCA For Life Campaign Priority Areas

 Cinderella Fund

This is a Fund we wish we didn’t need. But it can make the difference between life and death. The Cinderella Fund supports all medical and training needs and permits us to take extraordinary measures when required to save lives and rehabilitate dogs and cats. The Fund also supports our spay/neuter program which is an on-going essential need. 

Public Education Program

This fund supports on-going outreach and education in the Bow Valley and beyond. Our mission is to create a compassionate and caring community and reduce homelessness for dogs and cats. As our human population increases, so too does the domestic animal population and the need for preventive education and support when animals are left behind or worse – neglected and abused. We also help community members learn about the realities of having a domestic pet – the time, the care, and the commitment that is required. Awareness and education can help decrease abandoned animals, and increase the enjoyment that having a pet brings. 

BVSPCA "For Life" Undesignated Fund

Our day to day business requires us to have a pool of undesignated funds so that management can address the areas of greatest need. As you can imagine, needs change with time and circumstance. This fund gives us the ability to grow our capacity and the flexibility that is required to manage a good quality not-for-profit organization.

BVSPCA "For Life" Endowment

Thanks to a generous bequest in 2014, the Bow Valley SPCA was able to open an endowment with the Edmonton Foundation. The Bow Valley SPCA For Life Endowment ensures the long-term sustainability of our local SPCA and allows people from all over the province to contribute to Alberta’s only no kill, no cage adoption centre.


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