International Homeless Animal Day (IHAD)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

International Homeless Animal Day
August 19, 2017
Location and Time TBA

Learn about:
• Canada’s only no kill, no cage adoption centre
• Saving lives by adopting an abandoned dog or cat
• Saving lives through low cost spay/neuter
• Educational outreach programs teaching compassion
• Our Ambassadors--a voice for the animals
• Our mailing list for weekly updates
• Donating to a unique cause
• Post adoption support & follow-up provided to all adopters
• Our low cost spay/neuter program

On Saturday,  August 19th we will be raising awareness about our cause by taking part in International Homeless Animals Day. The International Society for Animal Rights established National Homeless Animals Day first only in the USA in 1992, but has since renamed it International Homeless Animals Day based on global interest. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and funds to combat pet overpopulation around the world.