Cat Love 2013

Anyone who works, or volunteers, in an animal shelter will tell you that kittens and young adult cats get adopted in a heartbeat. That is good news for the younger generation of kitties, but what happens to all the great cats over the age of 5 years? They spend way too much time waiting for their forever family to come and adopt them.  They are often overlooked simply because of their age.

But, most senior cats are healthy, happy, and active! They can live a very long life into their late teens and, even, early twenties!  They may not climb the walls like kittens do, but there is a gentle companionship to be found with a mature cat! One of our generous donors understands how wonderful older cats are and she really wanted to do something to help them find a home in time for Christmas! She has kindly paid half of the adoption fee so that ten senior or retired cats can be adopted!

This lovely donation drops the adoption fee of a senior cat (6-10 yrs) to $75 and the adoption fee for a retired cat (10 +yrs) to just $50.  We currently have 5 senior cats and 2 retired cats who would love to meet you!