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About Jason

We are pleased to announce that Jason was adopted on June 27, 2018
Our sweet and beloved Jason, a sure favorite of all our staff and volunteers, went to his forever home today. He was adopted by a lovely family in Canmore, and will be sharing his home with an older feline friend. They have promised to send lots of pictures and there was much excitement and joy as he left our care this afternoon. Congratulations Jason!!
Jason is approximately 6 weeks old and born in the wild to a feral mom. Jason was found with 5 siblings under a deck. Jason is definitely a lover and not a fighter. He starts purring as soon as you enter the room and clamors over his siblings to get some love and affection from his human friends. When Jason isn't purring, he is chasing his brothers and sisters around the room, and occasionally his tail. When these feisty kittens aren't playing, you can find them all curled up, huddled together. Jason is still quarantined with his siblings but check back often as we will be changing their status as soon as they are ready to go!