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About Midnight

We are pleased to announce that Midnight was adopted on Nov. 1, 2018
Midnight found her forever home. This beauty went home with a family that had adopted a cat from us years ago! They were worried - because Chester is a 'grumpy old man' cat, but we received a call a week later informing us that Midnight and Chester are now buddies - chasing, playing and napping together. Another happy ending!
Midnight was transferred to us from another rescue and this little lady is one of the friendliest kittens we have had the pleasure of housing at our shelter. She is approximately 5 months old and cute as a button. We don't know much of her past, but we know she is very much looking forward to having a permanent safe place to call home. If you are interested in Midnight, please contact us at (403)609-2022, or come visit her at the shelter! We promise you will instantly fall in love with her.