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About Patrick

We are pleased to announce that Patrick was adopted on June 17, 2021
Bushy-tailed and handsome Patrick headed home with his sister Princess, to a lifetime of love and snuggles! There is no doubt that this precious pair lucked out with an amazing family, where they will be loved to bits!
Why hello there, I'm Patrick! I came here with my sister Princess who is my best friend, so we want to stay together. I don't think you'll mind taking the both of us though, because together our hilarious antics and double snuggles will definitely be to your benefit! I'm about twice the size of my sister, but I am a more timid compared to her. That said, I am a love machine and am very gentle and relaxed! When we were in the wild, I looked out for my little sister (like any good brother) and so I am very affectionate and loving with her. I was in a foster home prior to coming here, and they report that I will always be your side, LOVE snacks (unlike my sister who is a picky eater... I don't get her) and enjoy being brushed and pampered. We're ready to head home and party, so come on by to meet us for yourself!

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