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About Sadie

Hey there, I'm Sadie, a transfer from a rescue in Saskatchewan after being found abandoned in a house. I know - I'm beautiful! The first thing people notice about me is my luxurious long fur and beautiful big eyes that seem to peer into your soul. But I'm more than just a pretty face, I've also got a personality of gold if you're looking for a cat that is equal parts sugar and spice! I am full of love, and enjoy affection. So much so, that I might throw in a little love bite if you try to stop petting me! But as much as I love snuggles, I also enjoy playtime and adventuring, and am always the first one to explore new spaces and toys. My new owners should be prepared to keep up with brushing my fur to keep me looking and feeling my best, and of course meeting my quota for cuddles and playtime in equal parts. I can't wait to find a fun home where my fun-loving personality can shine!

Dog-friendly: Untested
Cat-friendly: Yes
Kid-friendly: Untested, likely yes with older cat-savvy kids

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! You are also welcome to come visit me at the Centre during public visiting hours Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-4:00pm without an appointment.