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About Benji

Hi, I'm Benji! I came to the SPCA after being a stray. I have put the staff through quite a learning curve and I have definitely tested their sanity....however, after a few weeks of being in my new space I think I am starting to realize it ain't half bad. The first thing I did when I got to the shelter was teach the staff a few things. I showed them that the dog run they have attached to my room is not completely escape proof. There is a small gap between the chain link fence and the roof about 6 feet up... I showed off my climbing skills and my "I-can-fit-through-anything-if-I-think-small-enough" skills. Luckily they have a reliable builder who came almost immediately to reinforce my pen so I could save my climbing skills for another day! I also like to use my bark and sometimes a bit of my nips to get what I want. However, a couple of the staff have spent a lot of time working with me to try to navigate my attitude and it's teaching me that I can't always get my way. I'm beginning to understand if I am a little calmer I get to go on big walks and get lots of belly rubs! I also am not a huge fan of new people - not sure why, but I like to really let them know I don't trust them right off the bat. I warm up to them if we take a nice long walk and you respect my space until I feel comfortable. All in all, I am a young guy that just needs some consistency and routine in my life. I think a quiet home with a very experienced dog owner is where I would like to go. I LOVE being active and I think lots of outdoor time will help my anxiety. I currently enjoy runs in the woods! I don't think tiny humans are for me, now or in the future. Dog parks aren't going to be my place of peace either. I like some dogs, but at this point I get too overwhelmed. I need a home that doesn't mind putting my needs first - especially for the first while. Once I bond with you I am a delight and I will be your best friend!

***Please do not apply for Benji if you are a first time dog owner. Benji's adoption process will be slow and will require multiple visits, walks and training sessions with our staff. Once enough shelter visits have been completed we will continue forward with home visits and a "foster with intent to adopt" mentality. No kids, no cats, the right dog may be an option.***

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!