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About Donovan

We are pleased to announce that Donovan was adopted on Dec. 18, 2019
Donovan is a 1 year old border collie mix that was born into the care of AARCS. Donovan was adopted at a young age from AARCS and returned for attempting to "herd" humans. Donovan has been in a doggy daycare setting and did wonderful there. He is a highly intelligent and energetic dog requiring lots of mental and physical exercise. However, he is fearful of meeting new people and has to be introduce very slowly. We recommend an experienced dog owner. (We are unsure about how he interacts with cats at this time). Donovan's has very strong herding instincts and we are assessing whether is a candidate for anti-anxiety meds while we work on some of his triggers. Donovan would be an ideal hiking, running or any type of outdoor adventure buddy!