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About Willow

Hi my name is Willow! I know what you're thinking...WHOA a Coon Hound! Well you should be! I am pretty neat. I like to do what hounds are known for - follow my nose! I came from a farming community with my sister, Phoenix. We are bonded, but that doesn't mean we are identical! Phoenix is the wild one, where as I am much more mellow and reserved! That being said, I appreciate her fearlessness! She makes sure we have daily adventures and she keeps me on my toes! We will need a place to live with lots of space, preferably one with a big yard to roam around in. We are a clever pair, so a high fence with no way to sneak out will make your life a lot easier. What can I say, we like to explore! That being said, we understand our home base, we may run off from time to time, but we can follow our nose and our street smarts back to our safe place. I think it goes without saying that we have high prey drive - we're hounds! Our owners should be experienced dog owners, especially in regards to our breed! We are great with kids and other dogs. We ride nicely in cars and walk pretty well on a leash - if we pick up a scent we may take you along to help us investigate it! Fill out an application for us today!