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Changing Lives Campaign

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Changing Lives is not just a catch phrase for the Bow Valley SPCA—it is part of our vision. It is the answer to “why” volunteers, staff, and donors are so dedicated to our cause.

It is obvious that rescuing and re-homing dogs and cats changes their lives. Less obvious, is how much these creatures change the lives of the people they touch. Ask a staff member, a volunteer, or especially a family that adopts a pet about how their lives have changed; then be prepared for a long story.

The Bow Valley SPCA is also committed to changing our community. Our animals interact with kids, seniors, and all those in between to provide support at all stages of life. We also educate about compassionate care for all animals so they receive the same level of love they give us. We provide the community with information, presentations, and workshops starting with choosing the right puppy and ending with supporting your dog to be a good canine citizen.

Changing Lives requires donor and volunteer support. More than 75% of our funding depends on donations. Volunteers provide the equivalent of more that 5 full time staff members. In return for your support, you will have the satisfaction of changing the lives of hundreds of animals and people in the Bow Valley each year.


The Bow Valley SPCA is a “No Kill, No Cage” adoption centre and a leader in shelter management. Our purpose is to change the lives of abandoned pets and the families that adopt them.

Over the past 11 years, the average length of stay for dogs and cats has doubled, due to a rise in complex medical and behavioural issues for surrendered/abandoned dogs and cats .

  • In spite of this challenge, we have continued to maintain individualized care for every animal in our care.
  • We are committed to changing the lives for the better of all of our residents. We are also committed to finding exactly the right match, because we know that an adopted dog or cat will change the lives of the family that adopts them--for the better.

We have two goals: Goal 1: Provide Excellent Care by responding to escalating demands without compromising individual care. Goal 2: Improve Programs and Services by intensifying training of our staff and volunteers and in turn individual attention to every dog and cat in our care.