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Volunteer Spotlights

For National Volunteer Week 2021, we wanted to showcase a small portion of our amazing volunteer team, with volunteer spotlights! We are so grateful for everything our volunteers do, and are thrilled to share their insights on being a volunteer for the BVSPCA!

Tamara 1.png

Tamara 2.png

Tamara 3.png

Annie 1.png

Annie 2.png

Annie 3.png

Annie 4.png

Brad 1.png

Brad 2.png

Brad 3.png

Cami 1.png

Cami 2.png

Cami 3.png

Jordan 1.png

Jordan 2.png

Kayla 1.png

Kayla 2.png

Kayla 3.png

Kayla 4.png

Lauren 1.png

Lauren 2.png

Lauren 3.png

Lauren 4.png

Sarah 1.png

Sarah 2.png

Sarah 3.png

Sarah 4.png

Linda 1.png

Linda 2.png

Linda 3.png

Linda 4.png

Volunteer Spotlight.png

Volunteer Spotlight (1).png

Volunteer Spotlight (2).png

Volunteer Spotlight (3).png