Total Pets Adopted
932 Cats — 491 Dogs
Total Pets Rescued
946 Cats — 496 Dogs





Our "Make A Difference Campaign" has two goals: Goal 1: Provide Excellent Care by responding to escalating demands without compromising individual care. Goal 2: Improve Programs and Services by increasing our training and behavior programs pets and people.

Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and donors, the Bow Valley SPCA has successfully rescued hundreds of cats and dogs—and the work continues every single day! More than 75% of our funding depends on donations. Domors have the satisfaction of making an important difference to hundreds of animals and people in the Bow Valley each year.

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Why a campaign? In 10 years we have built a remarkable no kill, no cage facility in the heart of the Canadian Rockies; provided the community with thousands of hours of education about animal care and compassion, saved and in many cases rehabilitated hundreds of cats and dogs, and matched 99% of our animals with forever homes. Our model is so inspiring that many animal shelters throughout Canada turn to us for advice.

The Bow Valley SPCA Make A difference Campaign will Help. The cost for a no kill, no cage shelter to provide high quality housing and veterinary services to sick, abandoned and surrendered companion animals is high. YOU can provide this help through your donations large and small.

They deserve all that you offer until they find their forever home.