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Animal Care Attendant - Part Time

Position: Animal Care Attendant


Job Description and Duties

Serving as the permanent part-time animal care attendant, on location, at Canada’s first no-kill, no-cage adoption centre in Canmore, Alberta, you will be responsible for supporting the day-to-day administration and operation of the adoption centre, focusing primarily on hands-on animal care. Reporting directly to Adoption Centre Manager, you will support the successful implementation of policies and directives established by the Board of Directors.

General Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Supporting and as required overseeing the daily shelter operations including:

  • ensuring the safe and humane care, feeding, exercise, general sanitation and cleaning of all dogs and cats
  • intake and adoption procedures of all dogs and cats
  • coordinating activities with veterinarians, animal care/behaviour specialists, and suppliers
  • offering superior customer service
  • adherence to all BVSPCA policies and procedures

Supervision and training of volunteer staff

Office administration

In cooperation and coordination with the Adoption Centre Manager, specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Intakes and Adoptions

1. Greet public, answer questions about operations, mission, mandate and available animals in person, over the phone, and via email

2. In the absence of the Adoption Centre Manager, oversee the coordination and authorization of all intakes and adoptions

3. Counsel and screen potential adopters (including compiling accurate personal data, reviewing reference checks, and implementing “animal-match” protocols)

4. Work with animal behaviourists, vets and volunteers to assess and evaluate animals for overall health/wellness, temperament and previous training or potential trainability

5. Track all animals and maintain accurate records for inoculations, spay/neuter, training or behavioural needs issues, and arrange for any needed treatment, coordinating the timing and transportation to and from the adoption centre

6. Perform the required follow-up calls and update tracking related to adoptions

Human Resources

1. In the absence of the Adoption Centre Manager, responsibly train, educate, schedule and supervise volunteer positions

Reporting and Office Management

1. Maintain detailed and accurate files, records and statistics within the database that include but are not limited to: animal population, intake, adoption (adopter/adoptee information), euthanasia, spay and neuter, incident and personnel, and supplier/maintenance data

2. Assist with daily cash reporting, banking and budget reconciliation in absence of the Adoption Centre Manager

3. Answer general inquires via email and phone

Feed, Clean, Exercise and Care

1. Ensure volunteers/staff obtain and follow current guidelines, policies, and procedures with respect to safety, care, feeding, exercise, general sanitation and cleaning

2. Ensure safe and appropriate animal care and handling in each situation

3. Ensure all shelter personnel are thoroughly trained in the safe and humane methods of animal handling, particularly for those animals that are frightened or aggressive, and that all animals are handled as gently as possible and with compassion.

4. Daily monitoring/assessment and tracking of animal health and behaviour.

Support of Board Committee Chair Initiatives

1. Support the Adoption Centre Manager to ensure the proper in-house promotion and education about current and upcoming events and programs – including volunteering offered through the BVSPCA (coordination with the Programs and Events Board Chairs)

2. Assist the Adoption Manager by providing regular updates and ensuring accuracy on the BVSPCA website in terms of available animals for adoptions and success stories (coordinate with the Communication Board Chair)

Supply Inventory/Repair & Maintenance

1. Maintain accurate inventories of food, litter, medicines, vaccines, literature, brochures, letterhead, cleaning and office supplies on hand

2. Maintain lists of donated goods/services including details of contracts/letters of agreement

Role Priorities:

1. Support a safe, clean, and healthy environment for Bow Valley SPCA cats, dogs,

volunteers and public.

2. Support the adherence to all Bow Valley SPCA policies and procedures

3. Support the initiatives and goals set forth in the Bow Valley SPCA business plan

4. Support the Adoption Centre Manager in maintaining and managing the adoption centre resources in accordance with the Bow Valley SPCA annual budget

5. Support the Adoption Centre Manager and volunteer team in establishing and maintaining a positive presence in the community