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Pet Therapy Volunteer Program

The Bow Valley SPCA Pet Therapy Program was created to reach people across the Bow Valley who are ill, lonely, or in crisis as well as at community and special events. Our Pet Therapy Teams bring much comfort, joy, and companionship to members of our community who reap the benefits of the unconditional love and companionship provided by our four-legged friends.

Why Therapy Dogs?

The Bow Valley SPCA Pet Therapy Program allows volunteers and their dogs to visit patients in hospitals, long-term care, and senior’s residences on a regular basis. Our Pet Therapy Teams can also be found in schools, libraries and at community events. Individuals benefit both physically and emotionally from the unconditional love provided by dogs. Benefits include:

Our volunteers also benefit from being part of the Program. They get to spend quality time with their best friend, meet new people, provide a much-needed service to their community and most importantly - make someone’s day brighter by visiting with their dog!


Program Requirements

To become a volunteer with the Bow Valley SPCA Pet Therapy Program, the following requirements must be met.

Volunteer handlers must:

Dogs must meet the following requirements:

During a visit handlers must:

Dog Therapy Evaluation

During the evaluation, handlers and their dogs will be put through several situations, stressors and challenges that may mirror a therapy dog visit. The test will evaluate the dog’s temperament, sociability, obedience skills and ability to follow their handler’s lead. It is key that the dog must not show any signs of aggression including barking at other dogs or humans during this evaluation.

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