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SNAP Program

Through the SNAP Program (Spay Neuter Assistance Program), the Bow Valley SPCA is proud to provide subsidized assistance for spay/neuter surgeries at a reduced fee to qualified, low-income Bow Valley residents.


The BVSPCA SNAP program is for eligible Bow Valley residents with affordability challenges. To qualify, we follow the Town of Canmore Affordable Services Program guidelines. Note that you do not need to have signed up for the Program, we simply use their requirements for eligibility.

Our grant funds for this program are limited. This service may be temporarily unavailable when funding is not available.

Application Process

If you qualify based on the guidelines proposed by the Affordable Services Program, you can apply for the SNAP program through the following steps:

If your pet already sees a specific veterinarian in Canmore and has a file there, please indicate which veterinarian clinic you attend on your application.

After Approval

Upon approval of your application, you will be asked to pay a subsidized fee between $100-$175. This fee must be received prior to the SNAP voucher being issued and before you book the spay/neuter procedure. Payment can be done in person at the Adoption Centre or over the phone. Details of the fee can be discussed with the Adoption Centre Manager upon application approval.

Once payment is received, you will be provided with a voucher to a Canmore veterinary clinic covering the cost of the approved routine spay/neuter procedure(s). 

The SNAP authorization voucher to the veterinary clinic is valid for 30 days after issue, and covers a routine spay/neuter, standard post-op medication and an identification tattoo. A tattoo is mandatory and will be applied by the clinic during surgery.

Note: Additional care (exam, vaccines, etc.) or the cost of any additional procedures, surgical complications, pre-existing conditions or follow-up care (including but not limited to pyometra, cryptorchid, medications to treat complications, etc.) are at the expense of the applicant and not covered by the SNAP program. The SNAP program only covers the cost of a routine spay/neuter.

The Procedure

As the registered owner you are responsible for calling and booking the appointment at the veterinary clinic. As the registered owner you are responsible for the pet's transportation to and from the clinic.

Once an appointment has been booked, you must give the clinic 72 hours cancellation notice. If you fail to keep an appointment without giving the required cancellation notice, the SNAP authorization voucher becomes invalid and will not be reissued and and your subsidized financial contribution will not be refunded.

As the registered owner, you are responsible for obtaining and following all pre and post operative care instructions for the pet(s). Consequences for non-compliance with these instructions are your responsibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about the SNAP program, please Contact Us.