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Board of Directors

The Bow Valley SPCA is a not-for-profit Alberta society and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. From time to time, we have vacancies on our Board. As a Bow Valley SPCA Director, you are a fiduciary and play a significant role in the oversight and direction of the organization, ensuring it follows its Mission and works to carry out its Vision: Our Vision & Mission.  Each of our Directors has a demonstrated passion for animal welfare and a desire to Make A Difference for them and our community.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors of the Bow Valley SPCA is considered a ‘working board’ which means that, in addition to being responsible for the governance of the organization, the Directors also take on activities that are directly involved in the operations of the organization. This is typical of smaller sized charities where it is determined that due to the scale of the operations and to save additional personnel costs, many operational tasks can be carried out by volunteers that have a sense of responsibility, and duty, to the organization such as the Board members. As a result, each Director is expected to either hold an executive position (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) with its own set of responsibilities or to assume a portfolio of operational responsibility. This also means that the time commitment expected from each Director may be more than a pure ‘governance’ board. Our directors typically spend 10-15 hours/month on Bow Valley SPCA activities, including attending and preparing for Board Meetings, held once per month (approx. 1.5-2hrs long).

What are the Roles?

Depending on the level of activities, the interest from our volunteer base and capacity of Directors, the following are the different portfolios, which are sometimes managed through a committee (of which the lead Director is the Chair) or are simply run by the Director with ad hoc input and assistance from the volunteer base or other Board members as required.

Click on each block to read more about the portfolios and roles:

Current Opportunities

January 2024 Openings

We are currently seeking qualified community members to join the Bow Valley SPCA Board of Directors and expand our dedicated and passionate Board in the following leadership roles for a minimum 2-year term (and ideally longer). Specifically, we have imminent or upcoming vacancies with the following portfolio responsibilities and are seeking individuals with the relevant experience or expertise (as set out below) to perform these roles on the Board and lead the corresponding Committees (as applicable):

Join our team and make an impact in our community, while helping save the lives of stray, surrendered and abandoned cats and dogs.

INTERESTED? Reach out today to for further information or to express your interest in one or more of these roles.

Please include a resume (if you have one) or describe how your background and experience could best support the Mission and Vision of the Bow Valley SPCA in the desired role(s).