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Adoption Fees

Please note that we do not do same-day adoptions. Once you have chosen to adopt a particular dog or cat, you will need to go home and make sure this is the right decision for your family. If you are adopting a dog, you will need to arrange to bring your dog (if you already have one) in for a dog meeting. Some of our dogs require multiple meet and greets before you can proceed with adoption.

Once you are sure you have found your perfect furry friend that is a good fit for your lifestyle, please submit an Adoption Application.

The Adoption Centre Manager will be in touch to discuss the remainder of the process. Once you are approved, the Centre Manager will schedule an adoption appointment, at which time the rest of the paperwork will be completed. Payment will be due at the time of pickup.

There is no fee to hold an animal for a short time period, but there is a $50 per week non-refundable hold fee (in addition to the adoption fee) for longer holds.



Puppy (under 1 year) $485
Adult (1 - 7 years) $385
Senior (over 7 years) $260


Kitten (under 1 year) $285
Adult (1 - 10 years) $210
Senior (over 10 years) $160
Bonded Pair 50% discount on second cat

What is included in the price?

Our adoption fees provide each and every animal with individualized care while they are staying at the Centre. When you adopt an animal, the fee includes:


If a person can no longer properly honour their commitment to their pet and feels the need to surrender him/her to the Bow Valley SPCA it should be because all other options have been exhausted.

Surrender Fee for dog or cat = $200

We are a limited admission Centre and restrictions may apply to a surrender.

Surrender is by appointment only and we cannot accept walk-in or day-of surrenders. Surrendering an animal should be a last resort for pet owners.

Click HERE for more information on surrendering a dog or cat.