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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Make A Difference, Change Lives, Adopt. Love.

Our mission:

Provide our community with an adoption centre following a no kill, no cage philosophy to shelter, care for and re-home stray and abandoned dogs and cats and promote humane attitudes and responsible pet companionship through educational programs and community leadership.

What Do We Mean When We Say No-Kill, No-Cage Philosophy?


The Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre's design is based on the organization's no-kill philosophy: saving both adoptable (healthy and free of serious behavioural problems) and treatable (medical treatment or behavioural training) dogs and cats, regardless of age or disability.

Euthanasia is considered only as a last resort for dogs and cats that are terminally ill or suffering intractable pain. Similarly, euthanasia is considered as a last resort for dogs proven dangerous to people or other dogs. The Adoption Centre Manager with the agreement of a veterinarian will make the final decision about euthanasia for medical reasons. Euthanasia for behavioural reasons can only be implemented with a recommendation by the Behaviour Committee and/or the Adoption Centre Manager and subsequent approval by the Board of Directors.


All dogs and cats are housed in rooms rather than cages or kennel runs. This reduces the stress of being housed in an adoption centre, however, it also decreases the number of animals that can be housed in our facility.