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Return Policy

Dogs or cats adopted from us may be returned in most instances. We want to ensure that our animals find the best fit possible for their forever home.

Refundable Adoption Fee

We adopt all animals in good faith but we cannot guarantee the health, adult size, behaviour, temperament, or training ability of our animals because most of our animals come to us with limited background information.

We will automatically accept the return of animals in two circumstances:

  1. Within 10 days of the date of adoption if the animal has a previously undiscovered medical problem. The adopter has 10 days from the date of possession to take the animal to a licensed veterinarian for a physical examination at the adopter’s expense, unless a free examination is arranged by us, whereupon, if the veterinarian finds a medical problem with the animal, the adopter has the option to refuse medical treatment for the problem and surrender the animal to us in exchange for a refund of the adoption fee.
  2. Within 10 days of possession of the animal, should we be provided with satisfactory evidence of an allergic reaction to the animal on the part of the adopter, or any other permanent resident in the adopter’s home, we will accept the return of the animal and the adopter will receive a refund of the adoption fee.

Non-refundable Adoption Fee

Where an adopter wishes to return their pet after 10 days of taking possession of their pet, we may accept the return of the pet in some circumstances. The Adoption Centre Manager will interview the adopter and decide whether we can accept the pet back. Adoption fees are non-refundable and a surrender fee will be charged if the animal is returned to us.

Adopters who have returned their pets to us may not be permitted to adopt another animal from us in the future, depending on the reason for surrender.

To arrange an appointment to return your pet, contact Daisy Hilchey - Adoption Centre Manager at 403-609-2022 during our office hours, or by email at