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Sponsoring an event to support the Bow Valley SPCA will make you a local hero--especially to the cats and dogs at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre. If you wish to sponsor an event to benefit the Bow Valley SPCA, you now have some great NEW options. You still have to fill out the attached Third Party Event Application form (about 5 minutes worth of effort) and submit it to But once approved, we can provide you a link that will allow you to create your own fundraiser web page URL with information about your event/activity and donation amounts. You can then use the web and social media to promote your event. Better yet, we will provide promotion on our website and Facebook/Twitter accounts. Brochures and access to our logo can also be provided. Where applicable, donation receipts can be issued.

Some example of events:

If you are working with participants that wish to pay with their credit card or PayPal, they can go to your fundraiser web page to make a direct payment on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Even better all of the on-line donations are tracked in real time via a thermometer on your page. When the cash donations are turned in to the BVSPCA, we will add the amount to your page and that will also be reflected by the thermometer.

Additional informational documents that may help you create an event are also attached. Fast Facts is a brief summary of some of the facts about the Bow Valley SPCA. This will be periodically updated.

Some tips about creating a successful event are attached.

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