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Surrender Policy

Surrenders are by appointment only.

People wishing to surrender their dog or cat may have to wait a few days until space is available. Behavioural assessment prior to intake of surrendered dogs may be required. We cannot take dangerous dogs.

Contact the Adoption Centre Manager 403-609-2022 (message can be left anytime-will respond within 48 hrs) or e-mail

It is the policy of the Bow Valley SPCA to care for abandoned cats and dogs in the Bow Valley until suitable permanent homes can be found. The Bow Valley SPCA believes that all life is valuable and that all animals are worthy of having their needs met. It is a privilege to own a pet and a lifelong responsibility. If a person can no longer properly honour their commitment to their pet and feels the need to surrender him/her to the Bow Valley SPCA it should be because all other options have been exhausted.

The staff of the Bow Valley SPCA will offer the public other options before the decision to surrender is final. These options include:

If the decision is made to surrender an animal, the pet owner will call the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre before arriving with their pet. The Bow Valley SPCA may need time to make arrangements to accept the animal particularly if the Centre is at maximum capacity. The surrendering process will take approximately 30 minutes. The animal’s veterinary records are required. The pet owner will be asked to bring the animal’s food, crate, collar, and any toys or blankets that may help them feel a bit more secure while in the transition period. The animal will be left in the vehicle while the Bow Valley SPCA staff member completes the necessary paperwork. Once the paperwork has been completed, and the surrender fee has been paid, the staff member will receive the animal into isolation.

Ownership of the animal must be signed over to the Bow Valley SPCA. The Bow Valley SPCA will make every possible effort to find a suitable forever home for the animal. The Bow Valley SPCA will provide the animal with food, shelter, ongoing veterinary care (including spay/neuter surgery), vaccinations, regular exercise, obedience training, love and attention for the duration of their stay at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre.


The Bow Valley SPCA asks that the former owner contribute to this ongoing care financially. Surrender fees are as follows:

Once a person has surrendered their animal to the Bow Valley SPCA they are no longer eligible to adopt animals from the Bow Valley SPCA. Repeated and continual surrender of animals will not be tolerated or accepted by the Bow Valley SPCA. If this becomes a recurring event, the mother of the litters (weaned or unweaned) must be surrendered, along with the litter, to the Bow Valley SPCA, whereupon, she will be spayed at one of the veterinary clinics in Canmore. It is then only at the discretion of the Bow Valley SPCA staff whether or not she will be returned to the owner.