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Adoption Policy

Before filling out an Adoption Application, please review our adoption policy below. Adopters will be required to read and sign an Adoption Contract at the time of pick-up, so it is important to have an understanding of our policy beforehand.


All healthy animals shall be spayed or neutered before they are adopted from the Bow Valley SPCA. The Bow Valley SPCA’s mandate respecting sterilization is in place to help improve the general health and well-being of the animal, and to reduce pet overpopulation.

All dogs and cats spayed or neutered through the Bow Valley SPCA, will be microchipped at the time of surgery. Animals that have already been spayed or neutered at the time of admission will be microchipped if not already. The Bow Valley SPCA, in its sole discretion, may decline adoption to the Adopter if the Adopter has an unaltered animal at home.


In accordance with the Animal Adoption Agreement, the Adopted Animal becomes the property of the Adopter on the date of the agreement subject to the Bow Valley SPCA’s right to reclaim the Adopted Animal in accordance with this Agreement.


In accordance with the Animal Adoption Agreement, the Adopter agrees to have the Adopted Animal examined and vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian on the dates specified by the agreement. The Adopter agrees to arrange for all necessary booster shots with a licensed veterinarian and to provide full preventative and medical care for the Adopted Animal. The cost of the booster vaccinations is the responsibility of the Adopter.

Suitable Home

The Adopter agrees to provide a suitable home for the Adopted Animal. A suitable home is defined as one which provides proper food, water, shelter, veterinary care, exercise, love, attention and kind treatment at all times. Adopters in rental accommodation will be required to provide proof from the landlord that pets are permitted in the residence. Confirmation will be required in the form of a copy of the lease agreement, written, phone or fax permission from the landlord. The Adopter represents to the Bow Valley SPCA that they do not have a history of neglect or abuse towards animals, and that they has not previously returned an animal to an organization such as the Bow Valley SPCA.


The Adopter agrees that the Adopted Animal will be:

The Adopter is aware of and agrees to abide by Municipal Animal Control Bylaws. If the Adopted Animal is impounded at an animal impound centre or at an animal adoption facility, the Adopter will pay all fines and charges necessary to claim the Adopted Animal.

The Adopter agrees to pay for proper veterinary care for the Adopted Animal and to ensure that all illnesses and injuries will be treated by a licensed veterinarian in a timely manner. The Adopter acknowledges that in some cases, the Adopted Animal may have a medical condition at the time of adoption, or the Adopted Animal may develop a medical condition after the time of adoption. In both cases, the Adopted Animal may require ongoing medical treatment for such condition.

Subject to the provisions of the Return Policy, the Adopter agrees that costs relating to such treatment are the sole responsibility of the Adopter.

Inability to Keep

The Adopter agrees that if for any reason the Adopter cannot keep the Adopted Animal:

Adoption fees are non refundable. A re-homing fee will be charged if the Adopted Animal must be returned to the Bow Valley SPCA.

People who have returned an adopted animal to the Bow Valley SPCA may not be permitted to adopt another animal from the Bow Valley SPCA.


The adopter acknowledges that it is a Criminal Offense to abandon an animal (Criminal Code of Canada section 446 and Animal Protection Act section 4.1).


The Adopter is over the age of 18 years and the Adopter agrees that the Adopted Animal is not being adopted for anyone other than the Adopter and the Adopter’s immediate family, who share the same dwelling, and that the Adopter is and continues to be responsible for the Adopted Animal. All individuals residing in the dwelling must be made aware of and be in agreement with the adoption. All individuals residing in the dwelling should meet the animal at the Bow Valley SPCA before adoption. Children must be properly supervised when in contact with the Adopted Animal.

Return Policy

The Bow Valley SPCA adopts all animals in good faith. Therefore, the Adopter understands that since most of the animals come to the Bow River SPCA with limited background information, the Bow Valley SPCA does not guarantee the health, adult size, temperament or training of the above described animal. The Adopter has 10 calendar days from the date of possession to take the Adopted Animal to a licensed veterinarian for a physical examination. The Adopter has the option of taking the Adopted Animal to a licensed veterinarian that will honour a free checkup or to any other licensed veterinarian at the Adopter’s expense. If the veterinarian finds a medical problem with the Adopted Animal at that time, the Adopter has the option to refuse medical treatment for the problem and bring the Adopted Animal directly back to the Bow Valley SPCA for a refund of the adoption fee.

If there is documented proof (i.e., a doctor’s note) of an allergic reaction to the Adopted Animal on the part of the Adopter or any other permanent resident in the Adopter’s home, the Adopted Animal may be returned within 10 days of the Adoption for a refund of the adoption fee.


The Adoption Agreement shall be in effect for the period of time in which the Adopted Animal is owned by, and in the care of, the Adopter.

Cat Care

The Bow valley SPCA believes that cats, for their general health and safety, should be kept indoors and should not be permitted outdoors except when they can be safely supervised.

Long Term Resident Adoptions

All animals housed at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre have the potential for adoption. A long term resident or project animal may be adopted out based on their individual needs and related safety requirements. Potential adopters of these animals must follow specific and ongoing guidelines and meet more stringent requirements prior to an adoption being approved by the Adoption Centre Manager.

Post adoption follow up by the Bow Valley SPCA may occur to ensure the continuing safety, training and respect of the long term resident. The Bow Valley SPCA reserves the right to reclaim the pet, without any financial obligation to re-pay adoption fees, costs or expense incurred by the adopter. If the adoption does not work out for any reason, the long term resident must be returned to the Bow Valley SPCA and not adopted out privately or through another adoption facility.