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About Buko

Hi I'm Buko! Are you looking for a new best friend that will ensure that life is NEVER boring? Look no further, because here I am! I'm a go-getter and I always love to be where the action is! Multiple humans with two hands each for all the pets - I'm there! A group of kids eager to play and give me ear scratches - count me in! I used to live at a flower shop and I was a star floral arrangement assistant (I have an eye for style!), but now I am looking for a more permanent home with a cuddle-filled and fun lifestyle. Bonus points if you have or a willing to build me a catio for safe sun-lounging! I've been known to be a bit hissy with new feline friends during times of stress and transition, but I'm living in a room with lots of cats and after a few days of testing who wants to be a playmate versus who wants to be left alone, I've become very tolerant of my roommates. Another feline in the home would be an option (but only if they want to play wrestle and run all around!), but I'd also be a good candidate for being an only child. Come see how cute and playful I am!

Dog-friendly: Untested, would likely prefer a no-dog home
Cat-friendly: Yes, but single-cat household preferred
Kid-friendly: Yes

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! You are also welcome to come visit me at the Centre during public visiting hours Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-4:00pm without an appointment.