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About Daisy

I am in a foster home but I am still AVAILABLE for adoption!

Hi I'm Daisy! I am a relaxed and mature lady looking for a new home to join. I can be timid at first, and I am still adjusting to all the change in my life lately, but once I get to know you I am very sweet and gentle. I enjoy a cozy box or hidey hole to chill in to survey my domain, and I feel safest tucked underneath blankets. I am not totally sure about other felines, but they are fine as long as they respect my space. You'll need to earn my trust before I'm down for a snuggle, but if you go slow and approach me the right way, I enjoy gentle affection from people I know and trust. I think I would really enjoy being back in a home environment where I can spend my days cat-napping and birdwatching out the window!

Here's what my foster has to say about me: Daisy is a lovely cat, and she has settled in well. She is very affectionate. She is my avid fan, follows me around the house and always wants to be by my side. While she can be a bit timid with strangers, she is happy to let people pet her, but only when I'm not around. She can have a bit of a sass if others try to pet her when she is with me. That's why we call her a one-person cat, but she never gets aggressive. She's very sweet. She is quiet, clean, and doesn't make a mess or wake me up at night. Couldn't ask more from a cat really. Daisy is a pleasure to have around, and I know she will make a wonderful companion for someone looking for a loyal and loving feline friend.

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!