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About Fang

Hey, I'm Fang! You may be wondering if I'm named that because I have a fang tooth, and while it's true I only have one tooth remaining (the rest were extracted due to advanced dental disease), it's not a fang tooth. But the name suits me nonetheless! I was found at a ski hill wandering all on my lonesome and in rough medical shape. Some kind folks spent a lot of time catching me, and then nursing me back to good health. They would have liked to keep me, but I'd like to be the only furry friend in your life, and they already had pets. I'm very grateful for them, but it's time to find a great home to call my own! I am a senior, but you wouldn't know it by hanging out with me. I've got lots of energy which I put to good use by asking for snuggles in the cutest ways possible - head butting your hands, weaving between your legs, and hopping onto your lap. I was found starving, and so I'm still pretty obsessed with food as I'm not sure if every meal will be my last, but a lick mat slow feeder has been helpful to slow me down. You'll definitely need to childproof the home though - we're talking locks on the cabinets and nothing left on counters, because otherwise I WILL find it and WILL eat it! When I arrived to the shelter, it was determined that I had diabetes, however after a number of months on insulin, a diabetic diet, and some weight loss, I am happy to report that my diabetes is in remission. That means no more insulin injections, but I should stay on a diabetic food (kibble and wet food) to keep me feeling tip-top, and my food should be carefully portioned to ensure I don't gain weight. I would love nothing in the world more than to have a home that's devoted to giving me lots of love and cuddles during my retirement years. I'm laid back, handsome as can be, and easy to fall in love with, so come meet me!

Dog-friendly: No
Cat-friendly: No
Kid-friendly: Adult-only household preferred, but quiet and respectful kids okay
Do I Need Special Care?: Yes, I am in remission from diabetes. I will need a special diet and carefully controlled feedings. I also take a daily liquid anti-inflammatory medication to manage some arthritis.

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! I am in a foster home, so visitations are by appointment only. Hope to meet you soon!