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About Gilles

Hey there, I'm Gilles! I'm a sweet senior gentleman looking for a calm and cozy home to live out my golden years. You wouldn't know I'm 13 years old just by looking at me, as I am still a spunky and spry guy! I can be very affectionate, and love being right where the action is. I get along fine with my roommate, but I'd prefer a home without energetic dogs or cats that will want to play wrestle with me. I really enjoy a roll around on a cat nip matt, or stretching out to scratch on a horizontal scratch pad. I have lots of stories to share (especially around mealtimes) but once I've had my meals and some playtime, I'm content to spend the afternoon snoozing away the day. I can be snuggly too, although I prefer gentle affection over really rough petting. I'll headbutt you and weave around your legs to show my love, and I really hope to find a home that can appreciate all the love I have to offer in my retirement years. I hope to meet someone that is ready to give me a wonderful forever home!

Dog-friendly: Would prefer a home without, or with a calm, cat-savvy dog
Cat-friendly: Yes
Kid-friendly: Yes
Do I Need Special Care?: I likely have some arthritis in my back knees. It doesn't stop me from jumping around, but a pain management or anti-inflammatory plan should be considered as I continue to age, or if I begin to show signs of pain.

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! You are also welcome to come visit me at the Centre during public visiting hours Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-4:00pm without an appointment.