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About Prim

We are pleased to announce that Prim was adopted on Feb. 13, 2024
It's been a journey with Prim, and one we're very happy to report has a happy ending! Prim arrived to us back in August with her sister, and we soon learned that she was hiding a surprise - she was pregnant! Prim spent time at the Centre preparing to have her babies, and on the Thanksgiving weekend, gave birth to a sweet litter of kittens. Prim was an experienced mom, and took exceptional care of her babies, helping them to grow into independent and well-adjusted kittens. Once her kittens all found their own happily-ever-after's, it was time for Prim to find her own. Although she took some time to find her ideal home, her patience paid off, and she recently headed to a wonderful home where she can soak up the rest and relaxation that she deserves. She's ready to focus on some "me-time" which I'm sure she hopes comes with lots of snuggles!
Hi, I'm Prim! I was surrendered as my home could not provide for me and the kittens I was getting ready to have. I'm so glad I got to have my kittens in the SPCA, where I have been pampered since arriving. I have since given birth to the Hunger Games Litter, and after raising five bold and confident kittens, I'm ready to find a home of my own where I can get some "me time." Although I lived with cats before coming to the shelter, after raising my litter, I've decided that I prefer to have some peace and quiet, so I'm looking for a home without other cats I have to compete with for affection. I am a shy but sweet girl who loves head scratches and a good session of pets. You won't regret coming to meet me!

Dog-friendly: Untested, likely no
Cat-friendly: Single-cat household preferred
Kid-friendly: Yes

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! Please note that visitations with me are by appointment only as I am still with my kittens.