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About Sirius

We are pleased to announce that Sirius was adopted on Feb. 13, 2024
Sirius arrived to us with his littermates as a wee feral kitten, and 464 days later, he has finally moved into his forever home! Sirius was always the most timid of his siblings, and it took our staff around 8 months before we could finally pet Sirius. But as time went along, Sirius showed himself to be a sweet cat who adored belly rubs from people he trusted, was a friendly and welcoming face for all the other felines he saw come and leave his room during his time here, and a playful boy who could often be spotted racing around his room with a toy mouse or spring in his mouth. Since heading home, where he will have a companion cat to make him feel safe, Sirius has already made huge strides and progress, letting his adopters pet and cuddle him and wanting to be involved in the action of the family. Like many shy cats, this gentle and silly boy just needed a home to let his true purrsonality shine! We wish Sirius many years of play wrestling with his new feline brother, cuddles with his new family, and a safe and stable home to call his own after essentially growing up in a shelter. Although bittersweet, we couldn't be happier to see this guy finally leave the Centre!
Hey, I'm Sirius! I came to the Bow Valley SPCA as a transfer from another rescue, with my three siblings (who have since been adopted). My history is a mystery, but it seems I didn't have much exposure to people to start. So, I'm a bit nervous and shy, but I am learning that people can be really nice (and pets can be nice too!). The staff here are working to build my trust (in exchange for some tasty treats). I love food, so I think one day I may be up for learning some tricks too! I do love a good pet, once I've decided your hand is safe. With my gold eyes, sleek black fur and unique white mark on my leg, I really am a handsome man who has a lot of potential to be a great companion. I've lived with other cats all my life, and adjust well to new roommates, though I'm not sure about dogs. Having seen so many friends come and go, I am ready to find a great forever home of my own filled with time, patience and love to help me continue to grow into the confident man I know I can be. Why don't you come down and meet me (and don't forget to ask the staff for a treat on your way!).

Dog-friendly: Untested, likely yes with proper introductions
Cat-friendly: Yes
Kid-friendly: Yes, cat-savvy kids aged 12+ recommended

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! You are also welcome to come visit me at the Centre during public visiting hours Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-4:00pm without an appointment.