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About Suki

We are pleased to announce that Suki was adopted on May 22, 2024
Congrats Suki! At first glance a timid kitty, Suki's true personality emerged as an adventurous, high-energy, and spirited young kitty. Suki was known at the shelter for playing tug-of-war with her wand toys, using her big meow to tell us all kinds of stories, and doing the wildest zoomies around her room that you've ever seen. Well, Suki's adventurous spirit won over her new adopters, who, when Suki is settled in, plan to train Suki on a harness and leash so she can take her wild-child shenanigans into the great outdoors. Suki was an absolute hoot to have at the shelter, and we hope her new home will be having tons of fun with her soon!
Hey, I'm Suki! I arrived here to the Bow Valley SPCA from Lethbridge with a bunch of my buddies, and I'm in search of a nice, forever home. I was rather shy when I arrived at the Centre, but I'm becoming braver each day and showing the staff that I love adventure. Exploring and playing are my favourite activities. You may see in my eyes that I'm a bit of a wild-child, but that just means I promise to provide you with lots of entertainment. Currently, I've discovered the fun in grabbing and running with fluffy and feathered toys. I'll even engage in a tug-of-war with you to claim it as my own. I'll be honest I'm still a timid kitty when it comes to meeting humans, but, I think once I realize that I am safe, and have some stability in my life, I will come around. Despite being shy, I am still gentle, and my sweet purrsonality is shining through. I enjoy the company of other cats I know, but can be nervous meeting new feline friends causing me to lash out. I think I would adapt to a feline friend in the home, but it might take me time to feel safe in the home first before I am open to any new feline friendships so a slow approach will be needed. A patient home who is interested in engaging with me in play, and giving me space when I'm feeling overwhelmed, would be great to help me flourish into my best self! If you take a chance on me, you'll see that I'm a sweet young kitty who just needs a little help to feel brave!

Dog-friendly: Untested, would likely be okay with slow introduction
Cat-friendly: Yes, slow approach needed for her to feel safe
Kid-friendly: Patient older kids recommended due to shy nature
Do I Need Special Care?: No

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time! You are also welcome to come visit me at the Centre during public visiting hours Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-4:00pm without an appointment.