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About Thomas

We are pleased to announce that Thomas was adopted on Sept. 13, 2023
After being in our care for nearly a year, being adopted out but then returned to us due to no fault of his own, and then restarting the hunt for a forever family, we're beyond thrilled to announce that Thomas is finally home! Because of his Feline Leukaemia diagnosis, when Thomas came back to us, we searched for a foster home for him to hang out at until his forever home came along. Well, it turns out he was already there! Thomas's foster family decided that they couldn't live without him, and made things official by adopting him. He now lives with an incredible family, where he has a young child to entertain and spoil him with snuggles. His owners report that he is the BEST family cat, always gentle with the kiddos and soaking up all the attention and affection. After a long road to adoption, we couldn't be happier for this snuggly and playful cat. Congrats Thomas! Wishing you a long and happy life with your new forever family!
I am in a foster home but I am still AVAILABLE for adoption!

Hi, I'm Thomas! I was originally a transfer from Lethbridge. I was adopted out, but due to no fault of my own, I am back at the Bow Valley SPCA and looking for what I hope to be my LAST forever home! I am a sweet boy, and I am a social butterfly! I am a big beautiful guy, and enjoy affection from humans. Some might call me needy, but I just say that when I love my humans I love them very much and want to be around them all the time! I'm not a bother, but I do hope my next home comes with some people that will give me all the love I crave. I think I would adapt to living with a dog as long as they are gentle with me. I am great with kids and loving having little people to play with! I am still young, so I can adapt to living in all kinds of environments! I really enjoy sitting in my "catio" watching the birds, so a home with a perch for me to observe the world sounds swell. I'd really like a couch to lounge on and some people to love, so come by to meet me - I promise you'll be smitten!

I tested positive for FELV (Feline Leukemia Virus) which is a disease that impairs a cat's immune system and is linked to cancer. Our knowledgeable staff can tell you more about what it means to adopt an FELV positive cat, but it would be safest if I am the only other cat in the home or with another cat that has already tested positive (this disease does not affect people or dogs). I am healthy at this time, and a very sweet boy!

I stayed in a foster home for a while, and here's what they had to say about me: "Thomas AKA Big Tommy.... is still very much a kitten and has a lot of kitten things to do. He's a busy bee and still quite curious of everything. He is a very confident kitty! Thankfully he has not been destructive but we've set him up for success by not leaving anything (especially food) out. He LOVES playing fetch with the crinkly toy that we got him. I throw it up the stairs and he retrieves it, brings it to me and puts it on the ground for me to throw again. I get tired out before he does! Thomas also loves belly rubs and has a lot of dog-like qualities that are so charming. He likes a strong pet and is his preference. He'll let me pet him for a long time if it's a firm rub. He's a vocal guy and loves our morning conversations. Thomas does cuddle on his own terms but when he does he melts into you.

Here's what another of my previous fosters has to say: Thomas does not seem to have any anxiety about new surrounds and is very active and loves space to run around in. Thomas is still very much a kitten at heart with all the zoomies in him. He loves running round, jumping up and getting into and on top of things. He loves company and I wish I could give him more to do! He would be perfect for someone with young kids. His cheeky demeanor and charismatic personality is a favourite of everyone who's visited. While he does love the occasional cuddle, he'd much prefer a belly rub or a companion to play with the toys together with. His favourite spot is on top of the cat scratcher where he can watch the house and out the window. Thomas has really learnt boundaries and no longer jumps on to the counter when preparing his breakfast or dinner. He also knows the word "no" and stays back when I'm eating food compared to the early days where he would force himself onto my plate to try and get a piece. Such progress!

Dog-friendly: Untested, likely yes
Cat-friendly: Yes, but can only go to a home with another FeLV+ cat
Kid-friendly: Yes - loves kids!

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!