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About Hope

Hey, I'm Hope! I was actually at this shelter back when I was a young pup. My owners were amazing and we worked with trainers consistently, but I don't think the city life or a busy household with kids is for me. I prefer the sereneness of the mountains and big open spaces. Here is a bit about me now that I am all grown up. I LOVE other dogs, and if I could go to a household with a calm and confident canine companion that would be perfect, as they make me feel much safer in the world! Cats on the other hand, are much too tempting to chase and pounce at, so I'll need a home without cats or other small critters. I love giving kisses, showing you all the commands I've mastered (it's an impressive list!) and showing off my ability to run like the wind! I was a fearful puppy, and I still have fearful and anxious tendencies, especially in loud and busy environments. My new owners should be prepared to keep helping me build confidence so that I don't feel threatened by the hustle and bustle of daily life. I struggle with feeling unsafe and uncertain while out on leashed walks. I get frustrated because sometimes I want to investigate something of interest out of curiosity, but sometimes I want things to be further away due to fear. Other times, I am conflicted about whether I want more or less of what I'm seeing. My previous owners were working on my fear-based leash reactivity, and I hope my new home will continue working with me in this area. In the meantime, I will thrive in an environment where meeting my daily exercise needs isn't reliant on walks, which continue to be an ongoing challenge. For this reason, a backyard or acreage lifestyle will be a must. A chill adult-only household will really help so that at least when I'm at home, I can decompress and fully relax. I am happy to make new human friends if I can make the choice to approach them at my own pace, but I find meeting strangers while on leash quite scary. I'd love to live somewhere more rural, rather than in a busy urban neighborhood, as I do best in controlled, predictable environments. Fun fact, my previous owners did a DNA test on me, and it came back 24% Anatolian Shepherd, 22% American Pitbull Terrier, 15% American Staffordshire Terrier, 4% Australian Cattle Dog, and 3% Boxer - what a mix! The staff here already love me to bits, and they are happy to fill you in about me and my training needs in more detail. I would love to find a patient, gentle human, ideally with experience with fearful dogs, and a home that is calm and where I can feel safe. Looking forward to this next chapter and to find my forever home.

Dog-friendly: Reactive, yes with proper introductions
Cat-friendly: No
Kid-friendly: Aged 16+

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