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Other Ways to Help

If you wish to donate physical/material goods, please contact the BVSPCA at the

Here's some of the things that we are in need of right now.

Education Equipment:

We are in need of a digital projector for our educational seminars.

Dog and Cat Food:

Items listed in BOLD are in especially short supply.

  • MediCal Prescription Diets (available at any vet clinic) Specifically: Hypoallergenic, Diabetic, Mature, Urinary S/O, Sensitivity, Calorie Control, Gastro, Low Fat, Joint Mobility
  • Canned/Wet Dog and Cat Food (i.e. Friskies for cats with picky appetites!)
  • MediCal Prescription Canned Food Specifically: Preventive, Weight Control, Development,D/M, Mature, Urinary S/O, Sensitivity, Recovery,Calorie Control, Gastro, Low Fat, Renal
  • Dog Rawhides, Jerky, Soft Treats, Milkbones - PEANUT BUTTER (for Kongs)
  • Cat - Temptations

Animal Supplies:

  • Cat Nip
  • Squeaky Toys for Dogs
  • Cat Litter
  • Cat Grass Seeds
  • Leashes (4 and 6 foot nylon leashes, nylon slip leads)
  • Collars (nylon collars all sizes)
  • Dog Harnesses all sizes - must be Easy Walk or Freedom with front clip

Office Supplies:

  • Photocopy/Printer paper (legal and letter size)
  • Postage Stamps

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Kleenex tissue
  • Bleach


  • Car window ice scrapers
  • Newspapers (for puppy training)
  • Can opener
  • Crates