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Dog Training - Essential Life Skills

Essential Life Skills Dog Training Program

Please email to join our waitlist to be notified when we have a class scheduled to be the first to register.

In the meantime, check out our Online Dog Training Resources or check out Jodi Beedell (our ELS trainer) at Raising Fido for private behaviour consultations and training.

Group Class Details

The Bow Valley SPCA is offering dog training classes that will be focused on teaching “Essential Life Skills” to dogs and their human companion(s). This course is for dogs 6 months and older (if you are looking for puppy classes, click here). Learn foundation behavior skills, self control, and polite manners throughout class to incorporate into everyday life. 100% of the net proceeds from your registration fee goes to the SPCA, so not only are you helping your dog by attending, but you are helping our dogs too!

Classes will be limited to 4 dogs with 1 handler per dog (same handler per class, as material is cumulative), and registration is on a first come first served basis. Please note that your registration will not be considered complete until payment has been made and vaccination records have been submitted. Rabies, Bordetella (Canine Cough), and DAPP are required vaccines! Your dog must be fixed to partake in class - please contact us prior to registering if your dog is not spayed/neutered.

The courses will be held at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre. Class cost is $279.00 for weekly Tuesday evening classes, for a 5 week commitment.

Our dog training program is designed to fit into an overall educational effort to help dog owners to have healthy and positive dog/people relationships.

Course Description

Essential Life Skills

Want a dog who doesn’t jump all over your guests, and won’t try to steal dinner off your plate? A dog who comes when called and doesn’t take you for a walk? A dog who’s happy at the vets and groomers? Then our Essentials Life Skills class is for you!

This class is designed for friendly adolescent and adult dogs who could use some help polishing up their manners. We teach the basic behaviours using fun exercises and games so that you can have a dog who is truly a joy to live with! We’ll also show you how to teach your dog a trick or two to impress your friends.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

  1. Sit, down, stay, recall, touch/station, loose leash walking, drop it, leave it
  2. Door manners
  3. All about gear: front clip harnesses, muzzles, haltis
  4. Offered attention and name attention
  5. Life situations: going to the vet or groomer, leaving your dog, crating your dog, body handling

What You’ll Need

Price: $279.00

Duration: 5 weeks

Session length: 50 minutes

Class size: 4 dogs (Up to TWO adult handlers per dog, with one primary handler that will attend each week)

Age: 6 months and older

Pre-requisites: No previous training required

Owners must sign a waiver, which includes agreeing not to use aversive/punishment based methods at home. Aversive equipment such as prong collars, e-collars, choke chains and martingale collars will not be permitted in class.

Location: Outdoors at The Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre

Current Booking: As classes are held outdoors, classes are now finished for the season

About Your Trainer

Jodi Beedell

Jodi is an established dog trainer from Calgary who believes in the science behind reward-based training. Her knowledge and skills in dog training and behaviour have been obtained via first class industry education and hands-on experience. She possesses multiple certifications that attest to her passion for proficient reward-based training. She is a graduate of Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers, with a Certificate in Training & Counseling (CTC). This is regarded as one of the most rigorous programs for trainers in the world. Approachability, kindness, and enjoyment is at the heart of how she operates with canine companions and their people, and we are very grateful to have her support! Click here to visit her website.

About Your Class Facilitators

Kayla Spencer

Bio coming soon!

Kate Barker

Kate is a dog enthusiast and a senior volunteer with the Bow Valley SPCA. For the past two years, she has instructed the Open Paw dog-training program for new volunteers. This program was designed specifically for shelter dogs and focuses on the benefits of positive reinforcement training in a high stress situation such as an animal shelter. Kate also works directly with the dogs in the shelter until they find their forever homes. She focuses on basic commands and loose leash walking but loves introducing dogs to agility obstacles. You can also find Kate at many SPCA events, introducing the dogs and talking about the benefits of force-free training methods.

Jackie Wilson

Jackie has been a puppy socialization assistant since 2019 and a Open Paws instructor since 2020.  She has rescued three pups herself, and is a big fan of positive learning strategies for all dogs for happy outcomes all round.

Cindy Hui

As a senior volunteer with the Bow Valley SPCA, you can often find Cindy running around the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre spending time with the various dogs (and cats) while they are in our care. Along with Open Paw training and dog play group facilitation, she is a major contributor to the rehabilitation and stress reduction programs for some of the more shy or stressed dogs that reside at the Centre.