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Online Dog Training Videos

We have filmed short YouTube videos with training tips, to give you access to dog training material from the comfort of your home! Given that our group classes are few and far between due to the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to create resources that would be accessible to everyone. All the videos can be found on our YouTube channel, or click the links below for specific training videos.

  • Sit and Lie Down: Get back to basics with your pooch and brush up on these integral commands.
  • Stay: Not only will teaching your dog to stay help them with manners, it could also help keep your dog safe in situations where staying put could keep them out of harms way.
  • Shake: A classic fun trick to teach your furry friend!
  • Touch Training: A simple but versatile training tool that can be used to teach your dog specific fun tricks, or to distract them from engaging in undesirable behaviours.
  • Take It, Leave It: Helps to teach your dog when to take it (treats, toys, etc.) and leave it (human food, other items they shouldn't have), and can also be useful for teaching mouthy or nippy dogs to be more polite with their mouth.
  • Puzzle Toy Training: Get your dog comfortable with puzzle toys, to keep their brains busy!
  • Clicker and Mat Training: Clicker training is used to differentiate and reward the exact moment your dog exhibits the desired behaviour, and can be used to facilitate mat training.
  • Eye Contact Training: Teach your dog to make eye with you, which can be helpful for getting their attention in the midst of distractions!
  • Look At That Training: A versatile tool to help desensitize your dog to different stimuli, or to shape new behaviours.
  • Loose Leash Walking: Got a pup that pulls on leash? In this video you'll learn how to encourage your dog to walk without pulling, and instead walk calmly with a loose leash.
  • Recall Training: Dream of having your dog having excellent recall? This video is for you!

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