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Frank and Beans Update

Fri, 27 Nov 2020

Eyes are open and teeth are coming in - Frank and Beans are growing fast!

These two brothers are growing fast and have sprouted like... well, beans! Just before the 3 week old mark, their eyes sprung open, and shortly after, tiny little shark teeth erupted. A daily routine of sleeping and eating has been replaced with playtime, chewing on toys (and each other's faces), and trying to tumble out of bed. Crawling around has turned into wobbly walking, and they are starting to vocalize lots to tell you just how they're feeling! They've got lots of baby chub, and are chunky little guys too cute for words! Staff have started interacting with them more, and they're starting to engage back. Their Mamma continues to keep a watchful eye on them, but has been enjoying getting a bit of her freedom back (between feedings of course) - but soon they will start weaning. The best part is that they already have loving homes lined up for when they become old enough to head off to their new families!


Frank and Beans.jpg