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Kal Tire Grant--making our dog runs safer and more comfortable

Mon, 16 Sep 2019
KalTire IMG_5982.jpg

Kal Tire provided a grant through Kal's RePlay Fund for rubber matting for our new outdoor dog runs. These two new runs are attached to two of the dog rooms (cabins) via a human and dog door. We had concerns about the dogs injuring themselves on the hard concrete of the runs, but we also need a product that was weather resistant and easy to clean. Recycled automobile tires fit our need.

Kal Tire provided a grant and working with Relaible Tire Recycling, we were able to get the mats delivered to us in early September. Keir Lamar, the volunteer project manager for the outdoor runs, took time from his busy schedule and installed the mats . The dogs love it!

KalTire IMG_5981.jpg
KalTire IMG_5984.jpg