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Saving Lives

Tue, 30 Jan 2024

We often talk about saving animal lives, but it's not as often that we talk about how they save our lives! Sometimes we rescue them, and in return they often rescue us.

Check out this beautiful story from CBC news about Niall Harbison, a man who was himself saved by rescuing street dogs in Thailand. Soi Dog Foundation (SDF), an internationally recognized organization we have partnered with in the past before the local need in the Bow Valley and surrounding area became so great, also weighs in on the street dog situation in Thailand, and is teaming up with Harbison to help.

While this article highlights needs outside of the Bow Valley, we thought it was a beautiful story about how rescue organizations like Soi Dog Foundation, Harbison's Happy Doggo and our very own Bow Valley SPCA save lives on both sides of the story: the animal and the person. It is also an important reminder of how one person, whether through physical acts, donations or encouragement, can make a huge and lasting impact.

Read the full story HERE.