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Stickers for Sale!

Fri, 16 Feb 2024
2024 Sticker Sale - Social Media

We are very excited to launch our very own branded collection of Bow Valley SPCA stickers!

These stickers not only look great, but YOU can feel great showing them off knowing that they help to support the mission and vision of the Bow Valley SPCA, and help animals in need.

The proceeds from each sale will go directly to caring for our resident animals, while the visual presentation will generate awareness for stray, abandoned and surrendered animals.

Start a conversation by purchasing a sticker today.

They look fantastic on water bottles, laptops, phones, notebooks and much more! Made of durable vinyl, the stickers are scratch, water and sun resistant, high quality and easy to apply. (Make sure to hand wash only.)

Our current collection includes:

Stickers are available for purchase at the Bow Valley SPCA Adoption Centre only at this time.

All Stickers - Square
Adopt Love - Square
Make a Difference - Square
Holographic Paw - Square
Pawprint - Square
Cat Sticker - Square
Dog Sticker - Square