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About Bella

Hi, I'm Bella! I am a sweet and sassy gal looking to find a loving home to settle down in. I came in with painful matting, but since it's been shaved off, I'm feeling like a whole new woman! I'm a bit of a voluptuous lady... which is to say that I could shed a few pounds. Some playtime and a weight control diet would do me wonders! I'm looking for a home that is going to spoil me like the queen that I am! The staff around here really get a kick out of me, because I always have so much to say, and have a real sassy streak. I live in the managers office, and I have fully claimed it as my own. Everything the light touches is mine. I can often be found stealing her chair, patrolling the lobby, laying across her keyboard, or batting and nibbling at pens (or her hands, if she's not petting me). I am the perfect work from home buddy - as long as you want an excuse not to get anything done! I love to be the centre of attention, and I love affection from my favourite humans! I'm not a big fan of other four legged creatures because they try to steal my spotlight, but once I find a human I love, I love them so much! Living in the managers office is cool, but I'd love to have a whole house to rule as my kingdom!

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