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About Darla

We are pleased to announce that Darla was adopted on Oct. 23, 2019
Miss Darla has found her forever home! This sweet ol' gal won over the hearts of a lovely woman and her family. We are so happy to see her find a loving home where she can let her unique personality shine through.
Darla was brought to us by a concerned citizen who consistently kept seeing her loose in the wild for 3 weeks near her home. After successfully catching her she brought Darla to the BVSPCA in hopes of a better, safer life. After her short time with us Darla has opened up and shown us a bit of her true colours. We have learned very quickly that she is not a fan of other kitties but will usually mind her own business and meow when approached. She enjoys long naps and staring out the windows at the world around her. Although she is in her senior years this ol' lady is still worthy of a wonderful, loving home just as much as any other animal. We hope she can find a partner in crime who can appreciate her wise old ways and love her for who she is. If she sounds like a good match for you or your family, Come by and meet her today!