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About Forest

We are pleased to announce that Forest was adopted on Aug. 26, 2022
When Forest first arrived to us, he was very nervous around humans and stayed on the tall shelves in his room, out of human's reach. While he is still a bit of a wallflower, over time Forest's extremely cuddly side emerged, and eventually won over his new adopter! After being our longest resident cat for some time, we are so happy that this sweet boy finally got his shot at a forever home. We know his sweet purrsonality will continue to develop as he settles in and begins to feel safe!
I'm Forest, and I've come all the way from Saskatchewan to find my home here in the Rocky Meowtains! I was found stray, but I'm happy to put those days behind me. I am a shy boy, and I haven't fully come out of my shell yet. But I am trying! When the Centre is busy, I can usually be found perched way up high away from the action. But when the Centre is quiet, I will venture down and I'm all about the head scratches and will nuzzle into your hand for more love and affection. I will need a home that is patient and loving, but I am becoming braver by the day, and once I know I am safe, I am as affectionate as they come! I really love the company of other kitties, so I would be happiest to go to a home with another cat, or to head home with one of my buddies at the shelter. I am seriously in love with one of the other cats here, Poppy, and spend my days nuzzling up to her and grooming her. I am such a gentle and sweet boy, and I can't wait to find a safe place for my true colours to shine!

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!