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About Gizmo

I'm Gizmo! Since coming here, I have been taking my sweet time warming up to this strange new environment. My favourite spot right now is in a safe little hidey hole. You see, I can come across as shy when you first meet me. I was at a different rescue prior to this one, and they report that once you get to know me, I am the complete opposite! I'm a tiny thing, but I've got big attitude! Catittude! I can have my moments of sass with other cats if I'm not getting enough attention from you, but I generally get along with other felines. My ideal forever home will be full of love and lap time, because apparently once I feel comfortable, I am definitely a lap cat and I loooove belly rubs! For now, you'll just have to trust that I have a playful and snuggly side, even though I'm not yet ready to show it.

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!