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About Hank


The names Hank! Nice to meet ya! I am one outgoing guy who isn't afraid to let the world know that I love my cuddles and ear scratches. I have a cat disease called FIV, but don't worry, I can still lead a full and happy life. It's not contagious to other species, and for me to give it to another cat would be difficult! That being said, I can live with other FIV positive cats, but I would prefer to not be with regular cats. More so, if I get sick from them, I can take a long time to recover. BONUS, I came to the BV SPCA just as another FIV positive cat arrived! His name is Hank, and boy have we become buddies. We are both living large at a foster home right now. We love to groom each other, wrestle, run around and nap together. We begged our manager to define us as a bonded pair and they agreed!! So, if ya want me, ya gotta want Gus too! Send in an application to take us both home today!