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About Iggy

We are pleased to announce that Iggy was adopted on May 25, 2020
Iggy (now Rockie) has went home with his best friend Indy (now Ziggy)! Turns out Rockie is a huge fan of humane food, stealing full buns and thawing chicken off the counter! His new humans are keen to try their hand at training a cat!
Yo, the names Iggy. I came here with my girl Indy. Indy and I are what you call a bonded pair, meaning where she goes, I go and vise versa! Bonded pairs are great for busy families or for those who like double the cuddles! We can keep ourselves entertained and happy while you are at work. When your home, you'll get double the love! What could be better? I got ditched outside during a cold spell in Saskatchewan (and we all know how cold that place gets)! A family took me in for a bit, but it didn't work out in the end. I eventually went to a small rescue in the area and the rest is history. I found my best friend and we headed out to the Rockies together! It's a pretty nice place here. If you want to meet us, send in your application today!