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About Magoo

We are pleased to announce that Magoo was adopted on July 25, 2018
Our gentle giant has found his forever home! Everyone at the Centre is going to miss our Magoo, but we are so happy that he will be going home with one of our staff!
This stately and gentle giant was brought to us via Bylaw and a kind woman in the Bow Valley who had been feeding Magoo throughout the winter months. It is possible that he was once in a home, but after his initial trip to the vet, it was determined that he has likely been left to survive outside on his own for many many years. Magoo is very timid and quite apprehensive as he has been through a lot in his short life, but when approached quietly and calmly it doesn't take long for him to warm up. He then soaks up all the affection and attention he can get. Magoo has been neutered and microchipped, and has been given a clean bill of health. Magoo is not at all aggressive, just very shy. Considering he spent as much time as he did just trying to survive this is a testament to his exceptional demeanor and personality. He is sure to make an amazing companion once he finds his forever home.