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About Mason

We are pleased to announce that Mason was adopted on Dec. 11, 2020
Sweet little Mason finally found his people and has left the building! Better yet, Mason went home with his new best friend Scarlet! Scarlet and Mason came from different litters (despite looking so similar!) and were both the last of their litters to find forever homes. We can't imagine why with how sweet these two kitties are, but perhaps they were just waiting for their purrrrrfect family. While waiting for forever homes, these two cuties became quite bonded and so it is amazing that they went to the same home to continue their friendship! We know they will occupy their new family with all the fun and snuggles they could desire!
The names Mason. I was born here at the centre. I had 3 other siblings but they all got adopted, and so did my Mom! I would say I'm the independent one in the group. You can often find me off on my own, sleeping atop the highest of the cat trees - king of the world! I am a lover, not a fighter. I think if I had to take on a human hobby... I would be writing poetry sitting on a giant branch in the perfect climbing tree! I am a laid back little guy and have made friends with all the other kitties in my room, though I still keep to myself most of the time. I especially love other cats my age though, but because I'm so chill I could go to lots of different types of households. For a young cat, I would consider myself a sophisticated fellow. Need a classy little guy in your life? I'm your man!

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