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About Rey

Hello hello! My name is Rey, and I came here with Chewy and Binks, who may have been my siblings! They both found families ages ago, but I'm still waiting for somebody to take me home. I was found feral, and I'm still very scared and mistrustful of humans. While I will explore my room when it's quiet, and have found all my favourite nap spots in my room, if I see people I will dash back into my safe hidey hole, or climb up high where they can't get to me. I'm not one for affection just yet. I'm not aggressive, but I am very quick and will scoot away from you, but my siblings were the same way when they were here, and now that they're in homes, they've really come around. I have the most pristine, beautiful silky fur of all the cats here, because in the year I've been here, I haven't let a single person touch me.

I will need a very special home that accepts that I will take time and patience, and that I may never be a lap cat. Then again, once I feel truly safe and loved, I might just surprise you! Despite my fear of physical affection, I have an adorable personality and my adorable antics are priceless to observe. I can often be seen holding little toys in my mouth, and once I find a toy I love, I will carry it all around my room showing it off. I have a very cute kitten-like playful side! I adore other cats, and have grown very close to one of the other kitties here, Luke! We are in love, and snuggle together, groom one another, and give each other little kisses. I think it would really help me feel safer in the home to go home with Luke, who is confident and helps me feel secure.

While I don't mind it here, I've been waiting a long time for somebody to fall in love with me, and I just need somebody to take a chance on me. Think you could be that kind-hearted person to show me what a warm and loving home is like?

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!