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About Riley

We are pleased to announce that Riley was adopted on April 13, 2024
I am in a foster home but I am still AVAILABLE for adoption!

Hey, I'm Riley! I am a gentle and sweet girl at heart, and I can't wait to find myself the purrfect forever home. While I was at the shelter, I was very skittish, and acted scared of humans, rarely venturing out of my safe hidey hole. I'm not a fan of exuberant, excitable dogs or cats that get right in my space - I'm a mellow lady and they disturb my chill! I am now in a loving foster home, as I found the shelter environment overwhelming. I am much more comfortable in the familiarity of a home, where I can get some one-on-one attention. After realizing I was safe, I have become quite the lap-cat, snuggling with my foster human and following her around like a shadow. I am a totally different cat than the one people saw at the shelter, which goes to show that a loving home goes a long ways! Apparently I can be quite talkative, and while I still startle at loud noises or sudden movements, I am making huge progress every day. I even sleep in bed with my foster human! Foster home life is great, but forever home life would be even better. Once I feel safe, I promise I am a lovely little kitty!

Here's what my foster has to say about me: Riley is a tentative yet very curious kitty. She needs a bit of time to get used to you but once she knows she can trust you she will be your best friend. She will follow you around and absolutely loves cuddling up on the couch (or bed if you'll let her). In fact the only thing she loves more than lounging is treats!! She has become quite fond of her new cat tree and takes her responsibility of neighbour watch very seriously, but her new favourite pastime is catching the evening sun and some bird watching on the deck. She is 7 so her kitten years are behind her but she still has a bit of play left in her, catnip toys definitely interest her. She doesn't love being picked up, in fact she much prefer humans when they are sitting down, she's only small after all. Loud noises and new people are also not her favourite things but she will be the most loyal companion to the human she is comfortable with.

Dog-friendly: Untested, likely no
Cat-friendly: Yes
Kid-friendly: Untested, would prefer an adult-only home

Interested?! Please fill out our adoption application ( and submit to Upon approval you will be contacted to arrange an appointment time!