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About Rollo

Rollo is a gentle roly-poly kitty who was surrendered by her family because they couldn't take her where they were moving. She is very affectionate and will play with twist ties for hours! She also loves honeysuckle and catnip! What a great cat!

Her family loved her very much and we can understand why! She is very sweet and patient and brave! She loves having her hair brushed, and is quite content to sit on her perch while keeping a watchful eye. Rollo is unfortunately FELV positive and has to be isolated from our other cats. She is very lonely and desperate to find a loving home. For those unfamiliar with the Feline Leukemia Virus, it can be defeated by the immune system, or can eventually lead the animal to become very sick. Rollo has had several follow up exams and is currently presenting as healthy. Our caring and knowledgeable veterinarian has advised that she can go back up for adoption. The virus has not infected her bone marrow and Rollo may still live a long and happy life. She will however need some extra care and attention, and can only go to a home where there are other cats who are FELV positive, or to a home without any other cats. FELV is NOT contagious to humans or dogs. While we are taking very good care of Rollo here, we would love to see this sweet girl come out of isolation and be united with her forever family.